Rooted in contemporary fine art practice, making and materiality are central to my process. The exploitation of the qualities of materials, currently industrially fabricated metal along with cotton and aluminium thread is the backbone to my creative diagnosis and the conceptual focus of my abstract sculptures. My spontaneous and instinctual physical involvement with the material is non formulaic as I hammer, compress, fold and curve metal and combine this with threads and wire, stretching and pulling to produce organic and geometric combinations with elements of tension. I am interested in allowing and control, where things appear fixed, bound and restricted but also precarious and fragile. I am searching for a balance within the coiled force.

I wish to use the language I am developing to expand my work without controlling the experiment, to maintain an element of naivety and to slow one’s perception.

I am interested in the way an object exists and is seen in a space and in the psychology of the response to it.